Tynemouth Bomb Map 1940-1943

Every bomb recorded


Me and my mate Stanley worked out ways of fooling the German bombers. If they machine gunned us from the air, we’d pretend to fall down dead, then get up and run again, then pretend to die again. This would ruin their estimate of civilian casualties.
Robert Westall: Children of the Blitz: p28

Position of bombs dropped in Tynemouth Borough, 1940-43 (detail)
Archive Reference: TWAS T383/345

A copy of the Borough Bomb Map can be seen on the wall in Oddfellows pub in North Shields.

Local authorities were in charge of ARP and demolition and repair of bomb damaged properties.
Detailed records were kept because of compensation claims for ‘war damage’. some of which went on for many years after the war

Bomb numbers 134, 135, 136, 137 fell on the night of May 3rd 1941
Red Circles show exploded high explosive or land mine bombs.
Black Circles show unexploded bombs.
Red Triangles show exploded fire pot incendiary bombs
Bomb No 134: Direct Hit on Wilkinson’s Factory Shelter: 107 people killed.
Bomb No 135: Direct Hit on house: 2 killed
Bomb No 136: Unexploded bomb: 0 casualties
Bomb No 137: Exploded on beach: 0 casualties

Compare this map with the Luftwaffe Stadtplan Map
The cluster of bombs bottom left (map above) suggest an attemptĀ to bomb either the Railway Station or Electricity sub-station on Tanner’s Bank (both targets marked on the Luftwaffe map).
Bomb No 198 (30/9/1941) is a direct hit.

Again, looking at both the German target map and this map: Bomb No 62 (10/4/1941) shows a hit on Preston Hospital.
The Tynemouth Bomb Map records a total of 329 bombs. The first fell on June 26, 1940 and the last on March 25, 1943.

Tynemouth Bomb Map (PDF)