Targets and Defensive Positions

Geheim! – Secret!


…and there was the German bomber streaking up the river, so long and thin you could tell it was a Dornier Flying Pencil. And bursts of anti-aircraft fire, like grey balls of cotton wool growing in the sky, in clumps of four, but all miles behind the bomber.
Robert Westall: Children of the Blitz: p46

Luftwaffe Aerial Photograph taken c.1939
This photograph appears by kind permission of Richard Trembath of Loftus.

This photo, very probably taken pre-war [compare with Luftwaffe Pilot’s View – note absence of barrage balloons]  has been marked by German Intelligence with target positions and anti-aircraft gun positions.

There are 2 Flakstellung (anti-aircraft guns) positions identitified:inside Tynemouth Priory grounds at the river entrance and also inland at Ealing Drive/Beach Croft Ave (Heavy AA Battery) and at Lambley Ave (AA Rocket Battery).



This target photo marked ‘Geheim’ (secret) was given to Luftwaffe bomber crews on missions to Tyneside.

The photograph is numbered: GB2171 which refers to the target marked in bold red which was the British Petroleum Oil Depot in South Shields.

Other targets are numbered and refer to other Luftwaffe intelligence photographs.

Target 5078 is the electricity substation on Tanners Bank not far from Wilkinson’s Factory.
Target 5774 (barely visible in blackened area bottom left) is the Gas Works in North Shields.
Target 4571 is the Albert Edward Dock shipbuilders/ship repairers.


Compare this photo with the Luftwaffe Stadtplan of North Shields

With thanks to Gary Carverhill for the use of the photograph.