During raids Dad toured his district talking to people in the shelters. He always believed in telling people what was going on. Anything was better than a chaotic series of thuds, bangs, crumps, whistles and hisses that was an air raid.
Robert Westall: Children of the Blitz: p143

After the Raid
Archive Reference: TWAS DX385/3

A guidance leaflet produced by the government for civilians involved in air raids. This was distributed to every household in the country.


When you have been in the front line and taken it extra hard the country wants to look after you. For you have suffered in the national interest as well as in your own fight against Hitler. If your home is damaged there is a great deal of help ready for you.

You should try to make plans now to go and stay with friends or relations living near, but not too near, in case your house is destroyed. They should also arrange now to come to you if their house is knocked out.
If you have to go and stay with them until you can make more permament arrangements the Government will pay them a lodging allowance of 5s per week for each adult and 3s for each child. Your host should enquire at the Town Hall or Council offices about this.

Find out now, in case of emergency, from the police or wardens where the offices are at which the local authority and the Assistance Board are doing their work for people who have been bombed.


After the Raid Leaflet (PDF)