Salute the Soldier

£500,000 Fundraising Target


I think the war is perfectly simple. The Germans are the bullies of the European classroom. Lots of little countries have been getting their arms twisted behind their backs. But in the corner of that classroom, Britain is sitting, best fighter in the school….Soon Britain will get up and give the bully a bloody nose.
Robert Westall: Children of the Blitz: p17


Salute the Soldier: The Lads from Our Street
Archive Reference: TWAS T15/1516

The British people were bombarded with propaganda by the Ministry of Information, in every aspect of their lives. The government met part of the enormous expense of the war by borrowing from the people through savings campaigns. They combined the appeal to save with patriotism and community spirit. Salute the Soldier was one of the largest and most successful campaigns with towns encouraged to compete against one another to raise the biggest funds. Tynemouth’s target was £500,000, enough to equip an infantry brigade (2000-3000 men) for the local 50th Northumbrian Division.

salute the soldier

Salute the Soldier Week: We Owe It To Him!

Archive Reference: TWAS T15/1517

3 adverts supporting Tynemouth’s own Salute the Soldier Week

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