Many thanks to site visitor Kathleen Alderson who contributed the following:

Obviously before I was born (1950) back in 1941, my aunt Lilian May Ward went to a photographer together with my cousins Lilian and Maureen Ward. She got her 6 week old daughter’s photograph taken – 1st and only photo. Little did she know. After visiting the photographer she went to see some relative of her husband’s, I think, who lived near King Street in North Shields. Normally she would never have been along that end of the town. Whilst she was in that area the sirens went to alert folks that German bombers were on their way bombing the ship yards by the Tyne. They all had to go to the nearest shelter so she took her two children and they went into Wilkinson’s shelter. Not sure if the bomb was a rogue bomb accidentally dropped or if it was jettisoned out as the German planes were finished and due to go back to Germany. Anyway the bomb exploded when it hit the pop factory and the shelter was blown up.

My aunt Lilian May Ward (about 27/28 years old) was injured and was on crutches following the blast, my cousin Lilian Ward (about 3/4 years old) was found standing next to her mother totally unharmed and Maureen Ward (6 weeks old) was blown off my aunt’s knee and was killed.

My mother Amy Knowles (nee Conaty) was asked to identify the baby. She told me that the only way she could identify Maureen was by her clothes (I think she wore a blue dress) as she had seen her that morning. She was buried in a small grave in Preston cemetery. My cousin Lilian appeared safe and sound but years later she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and it was thought that this experience she went through as a child could have had something to with her illness in later years. She suffered with her nerves in adult life and awful mood swings. All terribly sad for this family.

(This was all told to me by my mum Amy who died age 95 years and 7 months old in October 2011.) Hope I have recalled everything correctly.