North Shields Air Raid Shelters

County Borough of Tynemouth – Air Raid Precautions

County Borough of Tynemouth – Air Raid Precautions
Shelters for the Use of The Public in case of Emergency





1. Washington Terrace [Trenches]

2. 11 East Percy Street [Basement]

3. 12 East Percy Street [Basement]

4. Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory [Basement]

5. Dockwray Square [Trenches]

6. Police Dwellings, Stephenson Street

7. Northumberland Square [Trenches]

8. Church Way [Surface Shelters]

9. Fifty Shilling Tailors, Saville Street [Basement]

10. Public Conveniences, Church Way

11. Public Library, Howard Street [Basement]

12. Library Steps, Howard Street

13. 77 Tyne Street [Basement]

14. Rosella Field, Albion Road [Trenches]

15. 2 Bedford Terrace [Basement]

16. McCombies, West Percy Street [Basement]

17. Alexander Scott Park [Trenches]

18. 50 Prudhoe Street [Basement]

19. Preston Park (not on map) [Trenches]

20. Bonded Stores, bottom of Borough Bank [Basement]

21. 2 Howdon Road [Basement]

22. 27 Penman Street [Basement]

23. Junction Penman Street and Lawson Street [Basement]